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Fragrance Selection: "Gone to the Dogs" A thru M

Jelly Jar candles come in  8 oz and 12 oz sizes, with lids.  When the candle has burned down to the bottom, use dishwashing liquid to clean out any remaining oils, and recycle the jelly jar!  Either reusing to hold cotton balls, safety pins or buttons,  or recycling the glass and lid, USA made jelly jars are inexpensive to reuse. 
Niman's Way Candles can be used as a single gift or combined to highlight a centerpiece decoration.  The 4 oz candle, in a small basket with flowers, makes a lovely Mother's Day gift that any Mom would love to have.  And, Niman's Way Candles, made from pure American agriculture soy wax, will burn longer and cleaner than other types of candles. 
Our fragances are grouped and are listed below as 
               Gone to the Dogs
               White Dragon
               Simple Florals
               Food Fragrances
Following the name is a discription of the oil blend that makes each candle.  Please feel free to email us at if you have any questions.
Ready to  pick out your fragance?  Let's go!


Special "Gone to the Dogs" fragrances.  These scents and special fragrances are named in honor of some of our best canine friends in the world!  The candle makers at Niman's Way Candleworks had a lot of fun researching the breeds, working on select names for the formulas and coming up with just the right fragrance for each breed.  Please read along and see if you don't agree!
Awesome Aussie:  Have you seen the Australian Shepherd run, jump and leap into the air?  This breed's high drive make it a favorite among livestock handlers.  What fragrance?  How about a hot, oatmeal raisin cookie with a snap of cinnamon?
Berry Cherry Bernard: This cherry cobbler fragrance is big, bold and just as lovely as the beautiful rescue dogs it is named after.  Rich in cherry, clove, cinnamon and vanilla.
Best in Show at the Gardenia:  Using a special blend of jasmine with tuberose, clove and a sandalwood base, this fragrance reminds us that every dog is someone's Best In Show! A sweet flower to enjoy!
Bloodhound Trail:  You don't need a bloodhound's nose to pick p the trail of combinations of strawberries, raspberries and currents swirling in Ylang, vanilla, and ginger.  A fresh, clean fragrance in any room.
Blue Tick Berry Muffin:  Just like its namesake, this candle will remind you of fresh baked muffins 'ticked' with warm, fresh blueberries.
Boston Crème Terrier:  Who can resist vanilla pudding, sweet yellow cake and a frosting of rich chocolate?  Who can resist the charm of the Boston Terrier?  The answer to both questions is:  No one can!!
Boykin Spaniel:  The deep red of the cranberry, with the sweetness of fruity plums, simmered with spices and sprinkled with honey.  Just like the South's best kept secret, the Boykin Spaniel is on you will want to keep to your self!!


                                                      Catahoula Cool:  Stepping  into the bayou, the home of the Catahoula Cattle dog, this candle starts with a base of patchouli, cedar and vanilla, supporting mid tones of lavender, pine rose and lilac.  We can almost hear the bay of these special southern bred dogs as they run through the woods.
Chocolate Lab:  Do you, the ultimate chocolate gormet, love the fragrance of chocolate fudge, piping hot and bubbly coming out of the oven? Look no further than this heavenly delight!
Cinnamon Setter:  Raw cinnamon is a deep, copper and golden mix of colors.  This fragrance is a blend of cinnamon, creamy vanilla and sugared cream.  It has the pop and snap of a cold hunt morning.
Desert Ghost: Base of sandal wood and musk. As mysterious as the desert they hunt....the Afghan.   Private blend.
English Cocker:  Although there are several different coat colors of the English Cocker, one thing is clear:  these lovely dogs are great hunters and companions!  A  blend of strawberry, peach, green melons, jasmine and rose, with a touch of vanilla.
Flea Dip: Orange vanilla would make a great scent for a flea dip, yes?
Greyhound in the Garden:  Using a base of clove and sandalwood, this fragrance balances jasmine and tuberose for a gentle but spicy gardenia.  A lovely, gentle fragrance for such a lovely and gentle hound.
I Love This Dog:  A very special, private blend of floral oils, citrus, and a delicate resin from India, gives this fragrance a distinct memory...just like the dogs that we love!
I WON!:  A private blend of citrus and floral.  Clean, fresh, fragrant.  This scent carries well in any room.  Made just for the winner in you!
Ibizan:  Just like the Ibizan hound, this fragrance is fresh from the Mediterranean Sea.  Breath deeply and imagine the clear skies and warm tropical breezes of a sunny cruise.
Isabella Vanilla Spinone:  A lovely blend of vanilla, cinnamon, sweet butter frosting and clove.
Just Me and the Dog: A relaxing combination of vanilla, amaretto and mulberry.  Just the fragrance to have when you are curled up with the dog on a rainy day, a cup of tea and a good book to read.


Lilac Shar-Pei: Yes, they have lilac colored dogs!!  This formula of oils, honoring a dog from China, is made by blending Ylang, heliotrope, jasmine and rose, in a base tone of freshly picked lilies.
Maple PupCakes:  The whispers of Mom making breakfast on a Sunday morning.  Hummm, what else could it be but pancakes, butter and maple syrup!
More Maltese, Please:  This white candle is smooth and sweet, with vanilla, sweet coconut and a base of weeding cake vanilla.  A fragrance that makes you want to find a fork!