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1.  What is Fastrack® and what does it do?

Fastrack® is a registered name of the Conklin Company.  It is a special formula of direct fed microbials, which when added to the diet, helps to stabilize and replenish the beneficial bacteria the intestinal tract of dogs, cattle, dairy cows, horses, poultry, swine and exotics.  There are different formulas and different ways to administer Fastrack®.

2.    What types of beneficial bacteria are in the intestinal tract?

The organisms that maintain a pH balanced intestinal tract and must be kept in balance are strains of Lactobacillus or Bifidobacterium spp, Bacteroides, Bifidobacterium and Bacterium spp.  It is estimated that about 90% of the intestinal tract is populated with these lactic-acid producing bacteria.  The other 10% is Escherichia coli, Clostridium, Staphylococcus, Blastomyces, Pseudomonas and Proteus types.

3.  What is the role of beneficial bacteria in the intestinal tract?

Of the various bacteria present in the intestinal tract of  mammals, lactic acid-producing bacteria are considered to be especially valuable because they help break down complex feed to produce lactic acid, aid in the absorption of nutrients and maintain intestinal pH.

4.  What are the advantages of feeding Fastrack®

The populations of beneficial bacteria can be depleted due to illness, injury, disease, stress of shipping showing changes in the environment, nutrition, medication, especially when administering antibiotics.

When the populations of beneficial bacteria are decreased, harmful bacteria have the opportunity to develop colonies of their own.  An increase in harmful bacteria can result in scours (diarrhea), anemia, low nutritional absorption, decreased activity levels, low milk production, decreased body weight, poor hair coat and a decrease in performance levels.

Feeding the special formula LS4000, found in some Fastrack® products,  restores colonies of beneficial bacteria to the intestinal tract.  This in turn supports the animals' digestive processes to take place normally.  The proper type of beneficial bacteria will maintain the correct pH factor.

5.   Has there been any research to support the benefits of feeding FASTRACK®?

Emphatically YES!!  Michigan Microbials  would be happy to send you information pertaining to the studies completed which support FASTRACK® as the number one direct fed microbial supplement.  The Conklin Company also has  on file  documentation which supports FASTRACK® as the leader in its field.

You can request information about FASTRACK® for dogs, swine, diary cows, cattle, horses and the information used to prepare this web site by calling the toll free number that appears at the bottom of the page.  E-mail us  with your request and we will respond as soon as possible.

6.  Fastrack® is recommend for different types of animals.  Are there different types of Fastrack®?

YES, there are.  The biggest division comes between ruminants and non ruminates.  Diary cows and cattle are considered ruminant while swine, horses, poultry and dogs are non ruminates.

There are also differences in the way FASTRACK® is administered.  For convenience there is an oral gel, powder, bolus and a water disbursable for poultry.

The gel is given  orally for animals who are ill, newly born or for adults under stress and who need to quickly get beneficial bacteria populations into the intestinal tract.  Fastrack® gel can be directed onto the tongue or between the cheek and gum of a young animal.

Fastrack® is formulated in a powder form for dogs,
FASTRACK® Canine Microbial Supplement (CMS) ,

Dry mix feed or top dressing for horses, cows, cattle, hogs, FASTRACK® Microbial Pack

Add to watering systems for cattle, hogs, poultry,
FASTRACK® Liquid Disbursable

In tubes from 20 cc (canine) to 300 cc (cattle and cows)
FASTRACK® Equine Gel
FASTRACK® Canine Gel with protection against Parvovirus+ !
FASTRACK® Non Ruminant Gel
FASTRACK® Ruminant Gel

FASTRACK® Calf Bolus
FASTRACK® Kick Off (for new born calves)
FASTRACK® Liquid disbursable (for Poultry)

7.  Will I notice any difference after feeding Fastrack®?

The most common phrase we hear from our customers with dogs is "Hey, my dog really loves that stuff!!"  Dog owners report better appetites, hair coats and overall improvement in general health.  Some have reported that dogs seem to have less trouble with itchy skin and allergies.  For our  "house dog" customers, FASTRACK® seems to help diminish intestinal gas.   Breeders have used FASTRACK® Canine Gel and report higher puppy weights and growth rates.

Swine producers report increased rate of gain, less illness and a marked decrease in the use of antibiotics in total confinement operations.  

Horses are less likely to suffer intestinal problems after being fed a diet that includes Fastrack®.  Equines display higher energy levels, better hair coats, and improved hoof quality.

Fastrack® is well known in the dairy industry as the probiotic of choice.  Increased milk production, protein, butterfat, etc., are all documented benefits of feeding FASTRACK® to diary herds.  Calves started with FASTRACK® Kick Off have a nutritional edge and are given specialized proteins to assist in the fight against young calf diseases.  Feeding FASTRACK® at birth helps the calf grow good bone, increase feed intake and overall  health and resistance to disease.

8.  What makes Fastrack® the #1 probiotic in the country?

FASTRACK® is produced under strict controls.  Because FASTRACK® gels contain live, lactic-acid producing cultures, FASTRACK® is packaged and transported with care and concern for you, the customer, and for your animals.  We want to ensure that you get the best product at the fairest price.

Michigan Microfeeds, LLC adheres to the Conklin Company's philosophy of quality products, fast service and 100% satisfaction guaranteed or your money back: No fuss, no muss, no hassle.

9. Is Fastrack® a medicine?

No. Fastrack® is not a medicine and the procedure pertaining to withdrawal from dairy animals and food animals does not apply.  Neither the Conklin Company or Michigan Microfeeds, LLC makes any claims about  Fastrack® products other than expressly stated or in approved Conklin literature.

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