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To Order on Line:

To Place an Order, Phone or Fax:
All first time orders that are not ordered on line above,  are completed after phone contact with customer to ensure the correct product, dosing amounts and correct quantities are ordered.  This is all part of Michigan Microfeeds, LLC and Canadian Microbials personalized service.
Method A: On line ordering               

You can pay by credit card by logging on to  Set up your own account and keep credit card information restricted.

1.  E-mail , Michigan Microfeeds, LLC with your order request, verifiable address and a phone number.  We will e-mail you with product cost, shipping & handling for a total cost amount.

2.  Log on to  Enter the credit card information, your account password and that you want payment to go to Michigan Microfeeds, LLC at

3.  When notifies Michigan Microfeeds, LLC that your order has been paid for, we will ship within 12 hours.

4.  If you have any difficulties, or questions, please feel free to ask for our assistance.

Method B  Fax Your Order to Us

1.  E-mail Michigan Microfeeds, LLC for a fax order form.  Send your fax number and we shall fax you the form.  Fill out the form making sure to include your contact phone number, credit card number, exp. date, verifiable shipping address, product, quantities, etc.  We will call you with the total amount before anything is charged to your credit card.

2.  You can fax your order to us  requesting that we call to  take your credit card information over the phone.

Method C  Call Your Order

1.  Call toll free 1-888-266-0014  Ext 8340.

2.  Leave a message for Michigan Microfeeds, LLC to return your call or leave your address for literature to be sent to you.

3.  We shall return the call and take you order, credit card information and shipping information over the phone.


Money orders  or Personal Checks:

Email us with your order request and we will reply with the total charges.

Michigan Microfeeds, LLC will take personal checks or money orders. However, the check or money order must clear our bank before we ship your order.

Please fax us at 1-517-278-4669 or call toll free at 1-888-266-0014  ext 8430 with your questions or concerns.  We want to make ordering as easy as possible for our customers.