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Special Offers and Introductory Samples

Please email us before you order online for special offers and pricing!!

Sale Prices:
 Fastrack® Puppy Pack  $69.30:  Fastrack® CMS, Fastrack® Canine Treats, Fastrack® Adult Complete, Fastrack® Canine Gel (1 each)
 Fastrack® Senior Dog Pack  $72.90:  Fastrack® CMS, Fastrack® Senior Dog Supplement, Fastrack® Canine Treats

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Don't get stuck on the same old thing!!!  Click on the sheep to e-mail us with your questions.  Michigan Microfeeds, LLC can help you give your livestock and pets the nutritional edge with Fastrack®      

Call toll free 1-888-266-0014  Ext 8430    

Consider a kennel or farm distributorship through Michigan Microfeeds, LLC!!! Contact us for information.