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Other Products    Introducing Cellular Energy™ and Vital HF™

Who is the enemy?  Colds/Flu, West Nile Virus, Hepatitis A, B, and C, Alzheimer's, Heart Disease/Cholesterol, Diabetes, etc.  Cellular Energy™ and VitalHF™ are two products that you can use in your arsenal of good foods, exercise and regular doctor check ups to help your body fight off disease and virus infections!!

Cellular Energy™ is a nano nutrient.  Sick cells (DNA) produce sick people.  Healthy Cells product healthy people.  Cellular Energy™ contains the right nutrients (Bioglycanates) to nourish your DNA.  Bioglycanates, a special combination of amino acids and carbohydrates produced through a process call  ALPHAPLYCANOLOGY, help nourish brain, heart and pancreatic cells along with every cell in the body.

Bioglycanates from specially selected fractions of whole, non-hybrid and Non-GMO rice contains nutrients that directly feed the cell itself.  This pure, biological fuel produces ATP, or pure energy, for every bodily process that occurs within the human body.

Cellular Energy™  capsules (180)   
Take 3 capsules a day between meals   single bottle      $114.75  suggested retail

Cellular Energy™ Capsules               case of 4 bottles     $403.65   suggested retail

(call or email us for special pricing for either personal use or retail sales)                             

Vital HF® and Cellular Energy® Should be on your kitchen table or shelf!!!  These products by Conklin Company™ were introduced in 2005.

Vital HF® (humas nutrients) was used in a testing program by the prestigious National Institute of Health, Washington, D.C.  Humic acid, the main ingredient in Vital HF™, has both preventative and curative effects against a broad range of viruses.

VitalHF™ :  What is it?  Humic extract deposits exist in areas where prehistoric vegetation was once abundant.  These humic extracts (humic and fulvic acids) contain pure, preserved and prehistoric plant deposits which contain 77 trace minerals/ (electrolytes).  Vital HF™  supports good health by providing the electrical energy needed to promote energy.  Vital HF™  also helps to support viral regulators.

Vital HF™ Dietary Support  60 tabs  per bottle  single bottles  $ 74.25    suggested retail
Vital HF™ Dietary Support   6 bottles per case              case     $379.25    suggested retail

(call or email us for personal use or retail sales programs)

Probiotic Plus®,  Women'sOptimal Essentials®, Men's Optimal Essentials®
VitaBuddies® Multi Vitamin & Mineral (children)

 You are what you digest!!  Probiotic Support®,contains five (5) strains of beneficial bacteria that work in both the large and small intestines to improve the healthy bacteria in the digestive tract.

4 billion CFU's (colony forming units) per capsule compared to 1-2 billion CFU's found in many other probiotics.

5 digestive enzymes that break down foods into usable substances in the body.  Each enzyme works on a specific food group.

Probiotic Support®, unlike many probiotics, is shipped under controlled temperatures to ensure live cultures.  This product must be refridgerated  and is  only sold by the twin pack.

Twin pack  (60 caps in each bottle=120 caps)   $64.20  Case of 6 bottles:  $328.05

With Probiotic Support® as a foundation, the Life Track® system of vitamin and mineral supplementation will keep you feeling your best with the freshest, purest vitamins available.

Each day's doses are individually wrapped to ensure the right doses are taken in the men's and women's formulas.  Taking vitamin/mineral supplements in the morning and evening ensures proper levels are maintained.

Feel your best!!!  Probiotic Support® as the basics and Optimal Essentials and VitaBuddies® to keep you and your family working and playing at their best!!!

Men's or Women's Optimal Essentials (30 day supply)    $ 71.50
Vitabuddies®                                                                                $16.15

Please contact Michigan Microfeeds, LLC for further information.  Call 1-888-266-0014  Ext 8430 or email for further information.

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