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Approved Distributors
Michigan Microbials, LLC, USA is proud to recommend the following distributors.  Contact them directly for pricing, sales and other information about the Conklin Company products they handle.   The distributors listed here are part of the Michigan Microbials, LLC USA family.


Representing the following areas:

Mr. Tim &  Mrs. Sherry Robertson
Andorra Kennels

Sheila Riley
Malt Angel Kennel
For orders call:  209-772-8772
Contact Sheila regarding Fastrack for canine and feline companion animals

 North Carolina and southeast areas:
Ms. Stephanie Clark
Email:   (please put "Fastrack" or "Conklin" in the subject line)
Contact Stephanie about Fastrack® for canine, poultry,  and Consumer Products.

Ms. Wendy Wesley
Phone:  704-695-6444
Contact Wendy about Fastrack® for canine, felines and equines.

Representing MA and the East Coast:

Universal Touch
Ms. Christi Scarpino  
95 Holt Road
Ashburnham, MA  01430
(978) 827-6704                Email:

New Jersey, New York and Pennsylvania:

Teri Johnston - Welsh Springer Spaniels

Representing Chicago, Illinois

Deanna Corboy-Lulik - AKC Agility Judge     Phone:  847-398-9330

Representing  Central Michigan

Phyllis Cox
Sunwind Golden Retrievers
Phone:  269-969-9471

Mr. Lee & Mrs. JoAnn Beldock

Please contact   Michigan Microbials if you would like to become a Fastrack® distributor and an Independent Business Owner!!  We would love to welcome you into the "family"!!

Why become a distributor?  

1. To buy excellent products at wholesale cost for family, farm or kennel use.

2.  To supplement income by retail sales.

3.  To build an business organization and help others enjoy the success of a home owned business.

Contact the distributors listed here or Michigan Microbials, LLC.