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NEW  Fastrack® PRODUCTS for Dogs, Cats and Horses on this page.  Michigan Microfeeds, LLC  Customer Referral discounts, and Commercial Purchaser programs apply to all products on this page in addition to our other line of great Fastrack® products!!!  Contact us for the latest sales and special offers  information (click on email address).
Let's treat "Man's Best Friend" to the best in canine nutrition!!!

Fastrack® Canine  Treats are healthy treats that your dog will beg for!!  They contain some  of the same beneficial bacteria found in Fastrack® Canine Microbial Supplement and Fastrack® Canine Gel.  In addition to beneficial bacteria, Fastrack® Canine  Treats are made with vitamins C & E, pork and poultry liver,  prebiotics and linoleic acid prebiotics.

These treats are easily carried  in pocket or purse with NO GREASY spots on clothes or equipment.  The tablets can be broken in half for the smaller breeds and medium breeds of dogs. 60 squares per bag.

  Suggested Retail Price:  One bag of Treats:  $24.25  One case of six bags:  $126.40

Fastrack® Senior Dog  as shown above provides help for senior dogs and dogs recovering from injuries or who are predisposed to genetic joint health problems.   Fastrack® Senior Dog and Fastrack® Canine Microbial Supplement team up to provide your aging dog or the dog with joint issues better digestive health and joint support.  Each bottle of 60 tabs contains:

 *Chelated minerals  *Vitamins  *Vitamin C (Ester-C®)  *Glucosomine HCL, green-lipped mussels and MSM.        60 tablets to each jar.

 Suggested retail:  $40.15 per jar or $208.95 per case of six jars.

Fastrack® Adult Dog  is for all ages and all types of dogs.  No matter the breed, usage or demands, every dog can use the added boost from Fastrack® Adult Dog and Fastrack® Canine Microbial Supplement.  Together, these products are an unbeatable team for enhancing feed utilization and digestive tract health.  Each tablet enhances the immune function, digestion and metabolism.  Fastrack® Adult Dog  contains 60 tables of:
*Chelated minerals     *Vitamins              *Vitamin C (Ester-C®)   *Linoleic Acid  

Suggested retail price:  $29.20 per jar   $151.75 per case of six jars

Fastrack® Companion Cat Products

Fastrack® Feline Microbial Supplement is the foundation product of beneficial bacteria that boosts the health and performance for cats of all ages, from kitten to adult.  You will see the difference in activity, hair coat quality and less digestive upsets.  This is the first time Fastrack® has been available in a formula especially for your feline friend.

Fastrack® FMS contains high levels of:

*Beneficial Bacteria   *Live yeast   *Enzymes   *Prebiotics

Suggested retail price: $22.70 per 150 gr jar     Case of 4 jars  $78.75

Of course we all want healthy cats!!!  When we choose a cat for a pet or for showing, we want to ensure our cat lives a long and happy life.   Fastrack® Adult Cat  contains essential vitamins and minerals, that, when used with Fastrack® Feline Microbial Supplement, gives cats and kittens the best intestinal health support there is!!  Each bottle of 60  Fastrack® Adult Cat tablets contain:

*Chelated minerals      *Vitamins    *Taurine     *Linoleic acid

Suggested retail price:  $21.95 per jar       $114.25 per case of six jars

Some of our feline friends will develop urinary problems in the course of their lives.  Fastrack® Senior Cat is a product that can be used with confidence and trust to give the extra edge to senior felines or cats who have a history of urinary problems.   Tablets are easily crumbled on wet or dry food.  Each bottle of 60 tablets contains:

*Chelated minerals   *Vitamins  *Linoleic acid  *Dandelion greens and pyroxidine
Suggested retail price:  $23.40 per jar     $121.75 per case of six jars

Fastrack® Fortifier gives the extra edge to the equine athlete.
One scoop a day enhances immune function, reduces toxins, controls inflammation and supports joint health.   Each 4 lb tub of Fastrack® Fortifier is packed with:

*Herbs   *Chelated zinc, manganese and copper  *Vitamins C, E and selenium as antioxidants   *Enzymes, including bromelain

Suggested retail:   4 lb tub  $78.75

Farm, kennel or personal use dealerships available for added discounts.  Please feel free to contact us for more information.

Shipping and applicable sales tax applied to all orders.  Contact  us for discounts and farm, kennel or retail sales promotions.  Prices subject to change without notice.

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Fastrack® is a registered trademark of the Conklin Company, Shakopee, MN and Michigan Microfeeds, LLC and Canadian Microbials are Independent Business Owners.  Canadian  Microbials has exclusive distribution for Fastrack® Canine and Feline products in Canada.