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Ch Wychway's All Spruced Up and Nimansway Ared Ms L Toe Kiss present a few of the family doing bloodhound family things.  All puppies are AKC registered, microchipped and DNA'd.   Puppies suitable for show, working or pet homes are all co-owned with Niman's Way Kennel.  Bill of Sale and Contract required.

The puppies you see here have all been fed Fastrack® Canine Gel and Canine Microbial Supplement from birth.  T-Lo, the dam of the litter, was also a Fastrack® puppy in her litter,  as  was  this litter's granddam, CH Sapphire's Last One Out.
All dogs at Niman's Way have Fastrack® included in their meals and Fastrack® Treats as a reward.