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Growing up Bloodhound©  Scroll below for latest information!!
Featuring the bloodhounds of Niman's Way Kennels.  We started using Fastrack® with all our dogs in 1999.  It is with pride that we show you the development of our latest puppies from CH Wychway's All Spruced Up and Nimansway Ared Ms L Toe Kiss.  11 puppies: 6 red, 5 b/t. (8 females and 3 boys), birth date 4-5-06   Enjoy!

      Nimansway Ared Arlo Thomas  eats his moistened kibble with Fastrack® Canine Microbial Supplement.  All puppies in this litter had consistent weight gain, soft, shiny coats, solid stools and good healthy appetites.   Niman's Way dogs are given Fastrack® for their entire lives to ensure proper absorption of nutrients.  This is as important for the newborn as it is for the geriatric dogs.  All dogs under stress deserve the nutritional boost that only Fastrack® Canine Gel, Fastrack® Canine Microbial Supplement and Fastrack® Adult Dog or Fastrack® Senior Dog vitamins and minerals can give.  Try Fastrack® products in your feeding program and see the difference.

 Nimansway Ared Playin' R Song (Patti) (at right) on May 23, 2006

 Nimansway Ared Ms L Toe Kiss and her Fastrack® puppies, all 11 of them!!!  Each puppy was started on Fastrack® Canine Gel at birth.

 Nimansway Ared Wink 'N Anod
 Wink and her litter mates were given Fastrack® Canine Gel shortly  after  birth.  Why Fastrack®?   Because only Fastrack® Canine Gel  has specialized proteins that act as antibodies against Parvo, Rota, corona virus', E. Coli 88 and E. Coli 99.  Fastrack® puppies are given a daily dose of the beneficial bacteria for the small and large intestine so that pathogenic bacteria can not over populate the gut and cause illness in the newborn puppy.  The "first milk" and subsequent nutrition is easily broken down for higher absorption by the delicate puppy intestinal mucosa.  Fastrack® puppies are off to consistent nutritional uptake in those critical first few days.  Niman's Way recommends Fastrack® Canine Gel for at least the first five days for puppies and also for the bitch during and after whelp.

Nimansway Ared Blind Date (Dotty) is a lovely, healthy bloodhound puppy.  She is active, curious and attentive.  And just like her littermates, Dotty will be a Fastrack® dog all of her life.    At this writing, 6-10-06, Dotty has grown to be 20 lbs at 9.5 weeks of age.  Off to a great start and a great healthy life with Fastrack® products!!

To the right is Dotty in profile:  Correct development of the occipital, length of ear, straight front legs and very alert!!  Dotty was intently staring at the cat. At lower right,  Dotty is seen starting to sing.  A little off key, however her little bloodhound heart is in the right place..

Nimansway Ared Blind Date


By keeping Dotty's food digesting in a regular manner, we help her to reach her genetic potential.  Dotty should, as an adult, weigh between 80 and 90 pounds.  Her brothers can weigh between 90 and 110 or more. She will have a long back and legs and be able to participate in trailing, tracking or training for the show ring.  Dotty will take Fastrack® CMS, Gel, Senior Dog Vitamins and Fastrack Canine Gel for the rest of her life

Nimansway Ared Ms L Toe Kiss and her puppies on deck.  From the left is Nimansway Ared Maid Marian (Maddy), center is Nimansway Ared Rented Tuxedo (Rip) and getting a check over is Nimansway Ared Wink 'N Anod (Wink).  Ms L Toe Kiss was a Fastrack puppy herself as was her dam, CH Sapphire's Last One Out (age 9).  Three generations of healthy dogs and puppies.  Make Fastrack® part of your feeding program.

Fastrack® for a dog's life.....


Nimansway Ared Midnight Curfew "Mikey", (front), Nimansway Ared First Kiss "Barbara J" (seated) and Nimansway Ared Rented Tuxedo "Rip" (in profile) at 10 weeks.  Using Fastrack® canine products allows these puppies to have consistent nutritional uptake.  There are no "peaks and valleys" of nutrition where puppies gorge on feed and then are off feed in a cycle.  The puppies seen on this page are getting three meals a day and show excellent appetites, consistent energy for play and proper development.  Fastrack® Canine Microbial Supplement is the only supplement Niman's Way Kennel adds to we add to our feeding program.

7-9-07  Nimansway Ared Blind Date "Dotty" (above):  Hamlin, NY  Winner's Bitch  Fri. and Sat.
              Nimansway Ared Blind Date "Dotty"              :  Hamburg, NY Winner's Bitch  Sun.  Dotty aquired 9 points in three majors for the weekend.  Her second time out in a show!!!!

7-9-07  Nimansway Ared Rented Tuxedo "Rip" (above):  Hamlin, NY Winner's Dog and Best of Winners  Fri.
              Rip went on Sat. to take Reserve Winner's Dog.   Hamburg, NY Winner's Dog and Best of Winners.on Sun.  Rip brought home 2 three point majors on the same weekend sister Dotty was getting her 3 three point majors.  5 three point majors out of 6 majors for the weekend.

Fastrack® puppies have the get up and go to get up and show!!