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Want great information about Fastrack®?  Go to You will see and hear testimonials about all the Fastrack® product lines for all species.

The Family 21 website will inform and educate you regarding all of the Conklin products.  If you would like to be a distributor or to simply purchase these products for your own use, you can sign up on the Family 21 website and be sponsored by Michigan Microbials. (This is for USA inquiries only.  For Canada, contact us at  Please feel free to contact us at Michigan & Canadian Microbials with any questions or inquiries.  We can help you with all product lines, starting a business or simply "Conklinizing" your farm, kennel and home.

If you want to be a distributor OR purchase Conklin products at wholesale pricing under the $25.00 option, you must sign up BEFORE NOVEMBER1, 2007.  After Nov. 1, only the $799. Business Builder will be able to purchase at wholesale!!!!  Sign up now!!!  Click on "Business Opportunity".