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"For it is by muteness that a dog becomes for one so utterly beyond value;  with him one is at peace where words play no torturing tricks.  When he just sits loving and knows that he is being loved, those are the moments that I think are precious to a dog;  when, with his adoring soul coming through his eyes, he feels that you are really thinking of him."
                           John Galsworthy, from Memories, 1924

Fastrack® for Dogs   
Rescues and Breeders:  Please contact us for special pricing for large orders.
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Fastrack® Canine Gel has specialized proteins which act against Parvo Virus, E. Coli strains  0101K99 and 08 K88, coronavirus and rotavirus
Canine Gel and Canine Microbial Supplement (CMS)         

Fastrack® gives you ease of administration:  Dogs eagerly take this gel right from the end of the 20 cc syringe as seen at left.  Canine Gel is used when live, active cultures of beneficial bacteria are needed quickly and efficiently.

Doses for Fastrack® Canine Gel  

Puppies and dogs under 50 lb.                      1 to 2 cc

Dogs over 50 lb.                                                 2 to 4 cc

Single tubes $12.35                Case of six       $ 63.10

We are conducting field studies are a regular basis.  If you would like to participate with a pending litter of puppies, please contact us for information and discounts.

 Canine Gel travels easily.  During periods of stress from performance, showing, and environmental changes that are abrupt and severe,  beneficial bacteria in the intestinal tract can be depleted.  The addition of FASTRACK® Canine Gel to your maintenance program can alleviate periods of dogs being off feed, lethargic, etc.

Michigan Microbials  recommends that FASTRACK® Canine Gel be kept cool either in a small traveling cooler, ice chest or under refrigeration.

Canine Microbial Supplement (CMS) is the powdered form of Fastrack® for dogs.  This odorless white powder can be sprinkled on wet or dry dog food.  CMS comes in a .66 pound (300 gram) jar and is given at the following rates:

Puppies and dogs under 20 pounds       1/4 teaspoon    (1 gram)
Puppies and dogs 20 to 50  pounds        1/2 teaspoon    (2 grams)
Puppies and dogs over 50 pounds          1 teaspoon       (4 grams)

These are the recommended daily doses.  CMS comes with a measuring spoon.

CMS can sit on the counter, away from sunlight and heat.  To extend the shelf life, it is recommended that CMS be kept cool.

CMS  300 gr. jar                      $ 23.15
1 case of 4 jars                          $ 92.35

NEW 5 pound Kennel Bucket:  $135.06.  IBO's pay dealer price.

We recommend  feeding CMS daily.  Keep FASTRACK® Canine Gel in the cooler when traveling.

We won't say your dog can play the banjo after taking Fastrack® but we'll bet he will feel like he could!!

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Dealership inquiries are welcome.  Please call toll free: 1-888-266-0014  Ext 8430
You can fax Michigan Microbials at    517-278-4669

Prices are subject to change without notice.  Shipping and handling will be calculated at the time of order.