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The bloodhound seen on the left was turned loose to run the woods in he Midwest by his previous owner.  He was in very poor health when he was found and rescued.  His health was compromised by severely infected ears, urinary infections and an episode of bloat with a double twisted gut (torsion).  He was given a new name with his new life: "Shaman" due to his amazing ability to get well.  He is well known on bloodhound lists as "The Big Red Dog" or "BRD".

Shaman has been a Fastrack® dog since 1999.  His muscle tone improved, hair coat became full and rich and he has increase energy for 7 1/2 years old.  

K. Van Niman, Michigan Microfeeds, LLC

A FASTRACK® endorsement from New York:

Just a quick note to tell you what a fantastic product FASTRACK® is.  I have Golden Retrievers that I show in obedience, field, agility and tracking.  I had the unfortunate experience of having my older dog bloat twice.  After the second episode, I found out about FASTRACK® and put him on it, which was five years ago. Now he and all my other dogs don't go a day without it.  I would highly recommend FASTRACK® to anyone who wants to keep their animal's digestive tract in optimum condition.

   M. Burke, New York

Another word from a satisfied FASTRACK® customer:

My Labrador Retrievers are doing great on FASTRACK®.  I have been able to cut down on the portions of feed they were getting.  I am very happy with the way they are developing from pups into adults.  I think FASTRACK® is the best digestive aid I could give.
        J. Hoath, Michigan

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