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Niman's Way Candleworks


Welcome to our web site! 

Click left navagation for the Atlas the Wonderdog Fundraiser!!!

    We specialize in the "jelly jar" candles.  This size is highly affordable, easy to ship, and is pleasing to the gift budget.  Standard candle is 8 or 12 oz.  Other sizes are available by special order.

     All of our fragrances can be made with or without color.  Limited amounts of dye ensures  that the flame easily draws pure oil up the wick.  The flame, which produces a fragrant  pool of wax, is unencumbered by sparkles, ribbons, or deep color based dyes.  


    Fragrance is subjective: the same fragrance can illicit a different response in two different people.  For this reason,  Niman's Way Candleworks carries a number of food, floral, meditation, aromatherapy fragrances.    
   We love dogs so much that we named a whole line of candle fragrances, some food, some floral.  Here you will find fragrances to honor the Boykin Spaniel, the Awesome Aussie, the WinerRhymer and others.  We had fun naming these candles, and hope you enjoy them, too.
    Want to feel peaceful and comfortable?  Meditation and Aromatherapy fragrances can help with that:  Gentle Panda, Peace, Day at the Spa, Salem Sage, Praire Wind, Wolf Track and Pensive, among others.  We searched for the most soothing fragrances available to offer to our customers who use them in massage therapy, art therapy or for at home relaxation.
    Introduced  and formulated for the guys in 2013:  White Dragon.  Blood of the White Dragon, Lair, Flight of the White Dragon, White Dragon Tears, Heart of the White Dragon and Druid Circle are all fragrances for the "Man Cave" in your home without the florals of "girly" fragrances.
    Simply Floral and Favorite Foods are additional fragrance lines we have formulated for our customers who like the traditional florals and food fragrances.  All year round, our private blend candles of these flower and food fragrances make a lovely gift.
 "No if's, And's or Butt's", is a household favorite for removing odors found in the kitchen, den, or family room.   It is especially good around smoke.
If you don't see a favorite fragrance of yours, please contact us at and put "Candle" in the subject line.  We will return a response as soon as we can.

The soft glow of soy candles and the pure pleasure of fragrance!