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Fragrance Selection for the Men - White Dragon


Specially selected fragrances that our male customers enjoy.  Not floral, not food, but fragrances that freshen up a den, library or even the hobby room.  These, although enjoyed by the ladies, were selected for our guys!!

Blood of the White Dragon:  Taken from the Dracaen Draco tree in the East Indies, this crimson resin, with it intoxicating aroma, was used in ancient times and, is till used as an incense.   The combination of an earthy patchouli, the dark exotic, Dracaen Draco oils  and warm amber, combine to make this a most mesmerizing fragrance.
Heart of the White Dragon:  One of our private blends, this fragrance uses the resin and oils from the Dracaen Draceotree, floral and citrus to make this one of a kind fragrance.  Truly the heart of the white dragon.
Flight of the White Dragon:  The earthy fragrance of the open fields rises to the nostrils of the dragon, while he flies over the land.  The winds carry citrus orange, lemon, with mid tones of olive, freesia and a night base of patchouli wood on musk.
White Dragon Tears:  Even the strongest of the strong  will shed a tear.  When a dragon weeps, according to legend, the fall of each drop brings forth a blanket of honey, violet, moss, cyclamen, lily, clove and jasmine.  A very clean but not flowery or heavy fragrance
Lair:  An exquisite blend of fruit and pine, with top notes of wild berries and mandarin, followed by mid tones of ripe apple, cinnamon, clove and pineapple.  Bringing all the scent together is the support base of light musk and evergreen.
Druid Circle:  Cold, crisp nights, the glow of a smoking pine branch, the snap of cedar sap on a hot log, with a sliver of moonlight and a drop of dragon blood.  Welcome to the Druid Circle.

How to Order:  click on either the "How to order 8 oz Candles" or "How to order 12 oz candles".  Enter your fragrance selection in the 'comments' section at check out from PayPal.  If you would prefer, email us with your selection and we can ship your order, usually the same day.
If you don't have a Paypal account, email us with a phone number and time to call.  We can take your order over the phone and charge your credit card privately.