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Atlas - The Wonderdog Fundraiser

Special fragrances for a very special dog:  Atlas the WonderDog
Donations only:  please scroll down.


This is the face of a Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) therapy dog.  He must  have exceptional breeding, clean genetics, and be emotionally and mentally sound.  In order to pass training, which includes alerting his human charge to take medications on time, possible seizures, anxiety attacks, panic attacks, waking the PTSD victum from nightmares, retrieving  phones and assistance in other day to day activities, the PTSD service dog has to have intelligence, in addition to an excellent disposition. 
Service dogs meet the public in every day situations which necessitates calm confidence, friendliness and dignity.   Helping his human function through all activities without anxiety, fear, or distress, is the PTSD dog's mission. 
The therapy dog will  accompany his human partner in pubic, to events, meeting places and at all times present a steady, relaxed and confident attitude. 
This is Atlas the WonderDog who has helped Kenny Bass navigate from the confines of PTSD to being a part of the society he fought for in Iraq. 
Niman's Way Candleworks would like to thank Atlas and Kenny for their service.

Atlas Fundraiser 4 pack
The bear? He is on staff and a friend of Atlas.

Niman's Way Candleworks is very proud to sponsor an online fundraising event on behalf of Kenny Bass and his Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) therapy dog, Atlas.
Four pack (4) 8 oz candles of our special blends have been designated as Battle Buddy exclusives.  You will receive a Battle Buddy white, Battle Buddy pink, Battle Buddy green and Battle Buddy blue candle in the 4 pack.  Fragrances will be from aromatherapy group, meditation group, White Dragon group, floral group and have been especially selected for this event.  No substitutions.  However, these blends are our most popular fragrances, so we are sure that you will be pleased.
Atlas the WonderDog will receive 15% from the GROSS SALE each four pack sold.    $40. per set.  We will ship to USA addresses.

GUESS WHAT?  The boss is out of town and the Candlemakers are in charge:  ALL Atlas Battle Buddy 4 packs are FREE SHIPPING. Yes, that's right!  FREE SHIPPING   USA addresses only (yes APO, FPO, etc., you, too!)


If you would like to make a donation without making a purchase, please click on the Paypal donation button. It will take you to the donation site at Paypal. Thank you.

Thank you for your support of the Atlas the Wonderdog Fundraiser.  We will be holding other fundraisers during the year.  Please check back often.  Thank you.